Use Screaming Frog for an Internal Link Audit

Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a tool that crawls a websites links to perform a technical SEO audit. You can download this desktop program on any mac or PC. Screaming Frog SEO Spider can perform a number of actions to help you analyze your websites health, like listing all the pages on a site including their SEO elements (url, page title, meta description, headings etc). But in this post I will be focusing on one of the things I have found most helpful about this program the internal linking audit.

Interal inlinks are links pointing to a URL from the same subdomain. Internal links are an important part of any SEO strategy because it establishes a sites architecture. They also spread link juice from one page to another. It is necessary to establish a crawlable internal link structure so that a search engine can crawl and index every page on your website. If you have a big website with hundreds or thousands of pages, auditing your internal links on ever page can be difficult. Thats why I use Screaming Frog SEO Spider to help with my internal link audit.

Fix 404 Broken Links with Screaming Frog SEO Spider

One of the first steps you should take when reviewing the internal links on your website is finding all the bad or broken links. Broken links on your website will result in the http response 404 not found error. Lots of broken links on your website can cause serious damage to a sites SEO and user experience. Screaming Frog SEO Spider will crawl every page on your website and find your broken links easily so you can begin fixing them before they cause any harm to your site.

  1. Crawl the website by entering your website url at the top of the screen in the field that says Enter url to spider. Click the start button to begin the site crawl. The crawl is done when the meter to the right reaches 100%.
  2. Click the response codes tab and choose Client Error (4xx) from the drop-down menu. You can also navigate directly to this page through the right-hand window crawl overview pane. Click on Client Error (4xx) tree view under the ‘Response Codes’ folder.
  3. Click on a URL in the window pane and then click the inlinks tab to view the source of the broken link on the upper window pane. The source will show on the lower window pane. Youll want to find the source of the broken links so that you can fix them. From is the source of the 404 broken link. ‘To’ is the 404 broken link. In the lower pane you will also find the anchor text, alt text, and whether the link is followed (true) or nofollow (false).
  4. Export the broken links and their source URLS into a spreadsheet. Click Bulk Export in the top level menu, then Response Codes and Client Error (4XX) Inlinks.
  5. You can also crawl a list of URLs for broken links instead of an entire URL. To crawl a list of URLs for broken links, click on mode then list in the top level menu. Paste in the URLs you want to crawl or upload the URLs through a file.

Make sure important pages have good inlinks

Take advantage of Screaming Frog SEO Spiders Inlinks and Level fields in the Internal window. The Inlinks and Levels fields will help you identify pages that need help from internal linking. It will also identify pages that are getting too much attention from internal links.

  1. Click on the Internal Tab and scroll to the right until you read the Inlinks column. The Inlinks field lists the number of internal inlinks to that page. Your most important pages should have the most inlinks. Your least important pages should have the least inlinks.
  2. Analyze the Level field. The Level field lists the depth of the page from the start page. Or the number of ‘clicks’ away from the start page. The more important the page, the lower the level should be. A low level indicates that it is easy to navigate to this page. It should always be easy to navigate to your most important pages.

Now that you have used the Screaming Frog SEO Spider for your internal link audit, you can start improving your internal link structure. A seo-friendly internal link structure will improve your overall seo and website health.

To download Scream Frog SEO Spider, go to their website.

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