How To Make Content Scrollable & Increase Scroll Depth

To make your content scrollable and increase scroll depth, create small paragraphs with multiple images, videos, and headers. Creating scrollable, easy-to-read content is an important aspect of SEO these days.

Its a well-known fact that most of the people online will skim through an article rather than read the whole thing. Big blocks of text will only discourage these scanners from engaging with your site. So you do you format your content increase your scroll depth and be more attractive to this new trend of skim readers?

Create small paragraphs

One of the easiest ways to make your content more scrollable and SEO friendly for this new generation of skimmers, is to make smaller paragraphs. I recommend keeping paragraphs no more than three lines long.

If a reader comes to your website and sees long paragraphs of text they will think it is dense and time-consuming. Most internet users dont want to read that way, at least not on a website.

By keeping your paragraphs short, you format your webpage to be easily consumed by creating more whitespace with line breaks. Whitespace is a great way for online readers to keep its place in your text and easily scroll down the page.

Here are some tips for how to keep your paragraphs short:

  • Dont make your paragraphs longer than three lines.
  • Separate each thought into its own paragraph.
  • Keep your wording succinct and to the point.

Add multiple images

The more visual your content is the better! Add as many images, infographics, and illustrations as you can to really drive your point home.

Images are a great way for the readers eye to move down the screen. Just like whitespace and line breaks, it helps to format your article so that a reader can easily pick up where they left off and reduce eye fatigue.

Not only to images make your content scrollable, but they can also contribute to the SEO of your page. Always optimize your images for SEO by using target keywords in your filenames and alt tags. You should also always compress and save your image for web so it doesnt slow down the page.

Try adding a video at the top of your page

A big takeaway here is that you need to put your big idea above the fold. A great way to do that (and to increase time on page), is to add a video above the fold.

Of course you should also include textual content that is short and to the point above the fold as well. Catch the readers attention right away, and it is more likely that they will continue scrolling down the page.

Format content using headers and lists

Bullet points and headers will add good structure to your article. But you shouldnt add headers and lists just for the sake of doing so. Make sure that your content lends itself to bullets and headers before you begin.

Before you write a paragraph ask yourself could this information be better presented in a list? If the answer is yes, present the information in a list instead of a paragraph.

For example, here is some information that is better consumed in a list than a long paragraph.

How to make your webpage optimized for the online skim reader:

  • Short paragraphs (no more than three lines each)
  • Multiple images
  • Add valuable content above the fold
  • Add headers and lists

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