Create Property Based Workflows in HubSpot

HubSpots email workflows allow you to automate your email marketing for each individual contact. They can be used to nurture your leads at the right time with the right content. Once you have identified your email marketing goals, you can use HubSpots automated workflows to help achieve them.

Ill use a personal case study to explain how to create an automated email workflow in HubSpot. I was working on a prescription coupon website and wanted to increase the number of scripts per contact. Someone would come to the website, download a coupon, and then activate the coupon at the pharmacy. My goal was to make sure that used our coupon every month when they went back to the pharmacy to refill their prescription.

I couldnt set up a standard or fixed date workflow, because the activation date (when the contact redeemed the coupon at the pharmacy) was different for every contact. Instead I created a property based workflow that would be triggered by a contact date property, like activation date. First I needed to create a new contact property in HubSpot for activation date.

Create a new contact date property in HubSpot

  • Choose Contacts in the top menu and click Contact Settings.
  • Click Create New Property on the top right corner of the Contact Properties screen.
  • Create a label for your new contact property. Make this descriptive so you can easily reference it in the future. In my case I named the label Activation Date.
  • In the Field Type dropdown choose Date Picker.
  • If you plan on using this field in forms then set it to Yes. For automated email workflows you probably wont need to use this contact property in a form.
  • Choose a group for your contact property. I chose Conversion Information.
  • You can write a description for your new contact property. A description is optional and only you and your organization will see the contact description.

Create the email for your workflow

  • Create a new email in HubSpot under Content > Email.
  • Click Create New Email button in the top right corner.
  • Build your email as you would any other HubSpot email. For more information on how to build and email in HubSpot click here.
  • When you get to the Recipients screen, choose Save for automation.
  • Review and publish your email (save for workflows).

Build your Workflow

Once your contact property and email are ready, start building your workflow.

  • Go to Contacts > Workflows.
  • Create new workflow.
  • Name your workflow.
  • Select a workflow type. Choose based on date property. This will allow you to automatically send emails around the date including in the new contact date property you just created, like an activation date or a birthday.
  • Set the starting condition for your workflow. Automatically enroll contacts into the workflow when they meet this criteria: the contact property Activation Date (or whatever you labeled your new contact property) is known.
  • Set the workflow to center around the new property you created (e.g. Activation Date).
  • Add a delay so the workflow will perform the next action x days after contact property. (e.g. 28 days after Activation Date).
  • Add an action e.g. send the email that you saved for the automated workflow.
  • End the workflow.

Activate your property based workflow to begin sending delayed emails to your contacts based on each contacts date value. HubSpots property based workflows are very useful when the date value for a contact property is different in each enrolled contacts record. You can also repeat the workflow so that the action recurs annually, monthly, or even weekly. Now you can set up a successful marketing automation that relies on triggering timely actions with minimal effort.

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