Automatically Log Work Time In JIRA

Time management is an important part of the development process. Weve all been in the position where we spent too long on a trivial task. But if you learn how to use work time work efficiently, then you can minimize these low-value time-sucks.

Keeping a work log is one way to help manage your time spent on tasks. Project management software JIRA makes time tracking easy with an add-on called Automated Log Work for JIRA. This JIRA add-on allows you to log work automatically so you never have to enter work logs manually again.

How to use the Automated Log Work for JIRA add-on

Install the add-on

  1. Log into your JIRA account and click the settings gear icon in the top right corner.
  2. Click Add-ons in the dropdown menu.
  3. Search the JIRA marketplace for Automated Log Work for JIRA.
  4. Click install to install the add-on.

Configure the Add-on

  1. Set the time tracking mode to either manual or automatic.
    1. Manual in manual mode you can use the Start/Stop Time button to track and log time for any issue.
    2. Automatic in automatic mode, the worklog integrates with workflow actions. The timer will start ticking when the status of an issue is In Progress.
  2. Select if you want simultaneous hours. Should a user be able to start a timer on two different issues at the same time? Unless you have a lot of issues that are closely related, I suggest setting no simultaneous timers for a user.
  3. Set the number of working hours and the number of working days.

Start logging work time automatically

Now that you have installed and configured the JIRA add-on, you can start logging work automatically. If you selected manual mode, open up an issue and click the Start Time button at the top of the screen. If you selected automatic mode, change your workflow status to In Progress to start tracking time.

With the help of this time tracking JIRA add-on, you will see a noticeable improvement in your time management skills. You will no longer have to remember when you started work on an issue, or manually calculate how long you worked on an issue. All that precious time spent manually calculating time will be yours again!

I also find this add-on to be helpful from a product management perspective. As a product manager or scrum master, you must keep your developers on track during a sprint. With the Automated Log Work JIRA add-on, you can monitor the time your developers spend on every task. If they are spending too much time on a low-priority talk, you can address the issue before it hurts your progress.

Time tracking is usually a tedious task. It is difficult to get your whole team to comply with logging every hour of work spent. But try using this add-on and I think you will see time tracking turn into a pretty painless process.

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